Our school uniform can be ordered either on-line or purchased directly from the shop.  To order     on-line, please click on the following link http://schooldaysllp.co.uk


Our official suppliers are:-

School Days & Just Dancing, 94 High Street, Whitton, TW2 7LN - Ph. 020 8898 4881


Uniform Price List

Sweatshirt (Red with Logo)               all sizes            £10.50

Fleece Jacket (Red with Logo)          all sizes            £15.00

Reversible Coat (Red with Logo)       all sizes            £20.00

Book Bags (Red with Logo)                                       £ 7.00


PE Uniform

T-shirt (Red with Logo for PE)          all sizes            £ 5.50

PE Bag (Red with Logo)                                            £ 5.50

PE Sweatshirt (Black, no Logo)                                 £ 9.00

Jogging bottoms (black - for PE)

Shorts (Black for PE)                       



Other items such as red check school summer dresses, grey skirts/pinafores/trousers can also be purchased directly from the school shop, but not on-line.


Denham Rd, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0DB

T: 020 8890 2063 | Email: office@sparrowfarm-inf.hounslow.sch.uk

Mrs A Cella - Headteacher

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