At Sparrow Farm Infant School we believe children are young musical creators who are enthusiastic and confident to develop their own musical sense. They are open, reflective and adaptive to a wide variety of genres and use their drive to sing and create their own music

Music is taught using a range of resources, which allows the children to gain a wide variety of musical experiences within a range of genres. Charanga is used throughout the school, giving children the consistency that is required to develop structure. The lessons also give clear visuals, using ICT, which are engaging and ensure that the children are active. The scheme builds on skills and musical knowledge at an age appropriate level. Teachers use Tapestry to record any assessments made by the teacher. These assessments are in the form of videos or pictures and are linked directly to the National Curriculum.

As well has having a clear scheme, Charanga, for staff to follow in sequence, the school provides access to ‘Sing Up!’ to deepen the range of resources with regards to topic based learning.

A whole school singing assembly allows the children to feel a sense of belonging and build confidence while also developing musical techniques and learning collective songs. Singing assemblies are used to build on children’s subject knowledge, supplementing what children are doing in class.

All children have the option to explore music further through extra-curricular activities such as the music club, as well as the opportunity to form rock bands, supported by external company Rocksteady.

The school also broadens children’s familiarities through inviting external agencies in to perform and provide musical experiences they may not have had outside of school, e.g. an African Drumming Workshop visited Year 1 in the Spring Term.

Music in Reception Overview

Music Knowledge Skills – Year 1

Music Knowledge Skills – Year 2

Musical Progression Key Stage 1

Music Keywords and Vocabulary for Teachers