Welcome to our Nursery!

We are so thankful that the children have settled back into their daily routines well since schools reopened in March. They are enjoying reuniting and interacting with their friends, teachers and the learning environment. Children have quickly got into the habit of using Rainbow Stations to regularly clean their hands and are encouraged to drink their water or milk and have a fruit or vegetable snack mid session.

During the first half of the Summer Term children have been exploring the loose theme of The Five Senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Hearing, which linked in nicely to some revision of Phase 1 Phonics within the Communication, Language and Literacy area of learning in Early Years. The children are continuing to learn to ‘tune in’ to sounds all around them in their home, school and outdoors, and to remember and talk about the sounds that they hear. Our focus story was The Three Billy Goats Gruff, amongst other Traditional Tales, and we hope to record and share with you the children’s re-telling of this story of courage and determination in our first week back after the half-term holidays.

Each of the three billy goats – small, medium and big – led to investigating and comparing different sized items, as well as searching for shapes and patterns in our environment. We especially loved hearing the children tell us how much water they had drunk, “a little bit”, “half”, “a lot”, “empty!” and learning the importance of keeping – it’s a special long word for us – hydrated!

We are excited to begin the second half of the Summer Term!

The theme is Growing, helping with and observing the development of our outdoor planting area, sharing stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Titch, thinking about what we can do now we are turning 4 and beginning to understand the needs of others, some healthy foods and the joys of movement! We will also be preparing the children’s transition into Reception and enjoying and talking about the changes in the season from spring to summertime, through water play, venturing the Great Outdoors in our campsite and picnic role-plays, and sun safety! We have begun the next Phase 2 in Phonics, where we introduce the children to some of the alphabet letters and most importantly their sounds.

Reminders for the Summer Term:

  • Lightweight coat/ rain-jacket, cardigans/jumpers and water bottles labelled with your child’s NAME
  • Water bottle daily (no juice)
  • Lightweight coat or jacket as we move into warmer weather OR rainproof and/ thicker coat with hood as and when appropriate – as we know British weather is so unpredictable!
  • All day sun-cream applied before coming to Nursery and wearing a sun hat (named!)

Our Learning Map and Phonics Programme for the current half term will be posted here soon, and informs you of how you too can support your child at home. Together we are the biggest supporters of your child’s learning.

Important Dates:

  • Gardening Day- 18th June
  • Sports Day (for children ONLY) – 29th June

The Early Years Matter!

At Sparrow Farm Primary we believe in facilitating and supporting the development of the whole-child, and in Nursery follow the Government’s statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. This guidance carefully takes into account childrens’ natural steps, or ‘milestones’ as they’re sometimes known, in their growth and how we as professionals can observe, assess and plan to meet each individual’s needs. Children are like sponges and soak up every experience provided to them. These early years are crucial to laying the foundation in your child’s education and their future achievements and wellbeing.

The EYFS is split between Prime Areas and Specific Areas of learning. Each is sequential to the next and by the end of year Reception, between 40-60 months in age range, your child is expected to reach and be embedding the 17 Early Learning Goals. The school’s values – Ambitious, Bold, Curious – are embedded in our teaching. Through the Early Years Framework we strive to inspire and nurture in your child these strongly held values. The children’s experiences are enriched because of this. The children confidently grow to meet and succeed in rapidly changing times, and ensure the preservation of our planet and good health.

If you have any questions, you can always reach the team at

Summer 2 Learning Map


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