Dear Parents and Carers

We hope that all your families and friends are keeping well and are safe! Happy Ramadan and Eid to those families that are celebrating it during this time of the year!

Now that we are in the summer term, we are currently looking at our new topic of Traditional Tales.  We will be sharing lots of traditional stories with you each week.

Jo will share the story each week with you on the Google classroom. Please share the stories with the children and encourage them to re tell the story. We will be sharing lots of ideas on how to make props and resources to support story telling. Maryan will also be sharing a craft video each week themed around the story so keep and eye on the classroom each day.

It would be very useful if you listened to the story daily to support the children to remember and recall some parts of this. Please don’t forget to share any videos of the children retelling the story with us on the Google Classroom as it’s so wonderful to hear and see what they have been doing. Please also share stories at home with the children each day, this is so important to their early language, communication and reading and it’s a lovely way to share some special time together also.

We have been looking at a phonics sound per week and Miss Guyatt has been busy putting together some power points to help with this. Please don’t forget to log in to Letter Join to support the children with their writing practise too. Miss Guyatt will also share a story every Friday with you all.

All of the staff from Nursery have been working very hard to share a variety of activities and challenges with you on the classroom. Miss Bains will be sharing a construction (STEM) challenge each week, Paula and Kirsty will be sharing a song each with you and Miss Killick will be setting either a reading or a Maths challenge.

We have also begun our Google Meet sessions hosted by Miss Guyatt and Maryan. These are a great way for us all to connect and communicate with each other whilst staying safe at home. It would be great if you are free and can join us for these.

Please practise using vocabulary related to size including small, medium and large; small, tall, smaller, taller, smallest and tallest; heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest. Where possible, please also encourage the children to practise recognising, writing and counting to 10. This can also include counting out objects to match written numbers.

Whilst you are walking you can count so many things from cars, to buses, to flowers, to people! You could also go on a number hunt in or outside the house – you could look at house numbers, numbers on signs, bus numbers, numbers on household items – the possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much to all of the parents who are supporting the children with all of our google classrooms. It has been so wonderful to see the learning journey that the children have been on at home. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon and continuing this with you.

Best wishes,

Nursery Team


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