Year 6

Dear parents of Year 6,

With restrictions slowly being lifted recently, we hope you all had a chance to enjoy the 2-week Easter break a little more than has been possible the last few months. With that said, we would like to welcome you all back to what will be the final term for your children at Sparrow Farm.


As we hope you are aware by now, the KS2 SATs test will not be taking place this year. The time between Easter and the middle of May is normally an extremely busy time in Year 6 with lots of revision, practice and preparation. With the SATs not taking place, we see this as a perfect opportunity to try and catch up on lost learning time from both this year and last year with a focus on getting your children as ready and prepared for secondary school as possible. Any grades, levels and end of year assessments will now be based on teacher judgement using evidence from the children’s work at school throughout the year – these will be on the end of year school reports as normal.

Online Work

Should your child need to be off school through sickness or self-isolation, we will continue to post a majority of lessons on our Google Classroom pages for them. However, please be understanding that most lessons are planned around facilities and resources we have available at school now that we are back full time and the online work may not match the exact level or amount that was posted during the lockdown.

End of Year

We always aim to make the end of Year 6 a memorable time for the children that are leaving us. Whilst the current situation and uncertainty of this pandemic still lingers, it does unfortunately limit us in the things we can plan and do compared to normal. However, we have already had discussions and conversations with the children to see how they would like to end their year and we will inform you of any events, activities or days we plan as soon as we have more details towards the end of the year.

Keeping in touch

Even though we are back at school and have the opportunity to speak with some of you at the end of the day, if you do have any questions or queries, you can still get in touch with us using our email:

Kind regards,

Mr Hubbard and Mr Gordon


Mid-Term Plan