We believe the study of history inspires children’s curiosity, encourages them to ask critical questions and enables them to have a better understanding of the society in which they live and that of the wider world.

History forms an integral part of the curriculum. The children work as historians when they critically analyse different sources of information; this helps children gain a sense of their own identity within a social, political, cultural and economic background. Therefore, we believe it is important for the subject to be taught discretely as well as incorporated within many other curriculum subjects such as English, Geography, Art and Drama.

With an exciting approach to learning at Sparrow Farm Infant and Nursery School, children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 have plenty of opportunities for role play. This approach helps to consolidate their historical knowledge and encourage curiosity within the subject.

In Key Stage 1 children develop an awareness of the past. They will learn about significant individuals who have contributed to national and international achievements. Children also learn about significant historical events within the local area and we engage with the local community to help. They will also study changes within living memory as well as events beyond living memory that are nationally or globally significant such as The Great Fire of London.

Progress in History