Physical Education

At Sparrow Farm Infant and Nursery School we have adopted the Get Set 4 PE Scheme of work. Our lesson plans have been written with careful consideration of the aims of the National Curriculum, to ensure that pupils are physically active for sustained periods of time, are given opportunities to develop their fundamental skills and can excel in a broad range of activities.

Each lesson plan has progressive activities that are designed to inspire and engage our children. Lessons build on prior learning and increase children’s subject knowledge. Children practise fundamental movement skills at their own pace enabling them to create their own PE learning journey. Activities are adapted to meet the needs of all learners and ensure they are sufficiently challenged.

We believe that PE plays an integral role in developing important characteristics such as resilience and perseverance as well as boosting self-esteem. We work in partnership with expericened coaches from Primary Sporting Development and are proud to offer our children the opportunity to become Young Leaders, empowering them to feel confident in their ability. They are able to apply these leadership skills at lunchtime, leading and supporting other children to engage in play activities. There are also opportunities for children to represent the school at different sporting events and take part in inter and intra sporting competitions.

Progress in PE