Dear Parents and carers,

We hope that all your families and friends are keeping well and are safe! Happy Ramadan and Eid to those families that are celebrating it during this time of the year!

Now that we are in the summer term, we are currently looking at our new topic ‘What can we find beyond the horizon?” and then “What makes us incredible?” in our last term.

Miss Byrne has been working on her home allotment and all the teachers have been busy keeping Google Classroom updated with school activities! Recently, we have started using GoogleMeet and it was so nice to see most of you smiling and interacting with your friends!

Please talk to your children about different types of transportation. What is your favourite vehicle and why? How do different vehicles travel? You can research more about vehicles by looking at national geographic or Cbeebies.

This term we have been continuing with Phase 3 phonics sounds. After half term we will begin learning phase 4 phonic sounds. Please use Mr Thorne’s phonics on YouTube to help with the sounds will have been focussing on during the week.

It is crucial that you read with your children every day. Bug Club is a wonderful resource so please make the most of this invaluable resource- the children really love it! Click here to go directly to the Bug Club website; the school code is hwjk. Reading everyday greatly improves your child’s speaking, listening, understanding and writing. Lots of areas which we assess your child in.

Please practise recognising, writing and counting to 20. Whilst you are walking you can count the cars, buses, trees, flowers, bird’s nests and you can practise reading house numbers and bus numbers. Practise addition and subtraction using different vocabulary and by counting on and backwards. Children should begin to learn how to double, halve and share to achieve the Early Learning Goal in numbers.

We look forward to seeing you soon and we hope we can hope to continue learning from where we left off!

Best wishes,

Reception team


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